Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sun TV rejects’s latest commercial as offensive’s latest TV commercial, which announces its new offering of unlimited storage space, has been rejected by the Sun TV Network.

The commercial shows two hot girls having a conversation about something big that their colleague, Raju, has. They ask each other in amazement, ‘Is it really that big?’ The shot moves to the rest of the office, where other employees are also wondering about Raju’s ‘big’ thing. Finally, one of them asks Raju, ‘Is it really that big?’ Raju replies, ‘It’s not big, it’s unlimited.’ The ad ends with a voiceover saying, ‘Rediffmail with free unlimited storage space. Big enough for anything.’

Sun TV officials have found the cheeky innuendo in the ad about Raju’s ‘big’ thing offensive. So, none of the network’s channels will air the ad.

The media duties for the commercial are being managed by Starcom India. The commercial will be aired only in the English language throughout the country. So far, no other channel seems to have an issue with the way the message has been delivered in the ad. Other broadcasters that will telecast the TVC are NDTV, CNBC-TV18, Sony Entertainment and STAR.

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