Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rs 4 Lakhs for 10 Sec… Is it Costly ?

When it comes to advertising, cricket is still king. Not only is it tailor-made for advertising with routine breaks in between overs, the viewer is also exposed to ever more advertisements at the slightest opportunity, like a batsman tying his shoe laces.

SET Max has already sold 95% of its airtime at an average of Rs 1.5 lakh for a 10-second spot across 51 matches with the India matches going at Rs 4 lakh for the same 10 seconder. SET Max had 45 clients for the 2003 WC, now they claim 70 clients this time around.

The estimated advertising spend on TV in 2006 was Rs 5,750 crore with cricket snagging Rs 650 crore. Experts reckon the 2007 world cup will attract TV ads worth Rs 800 crore with ICC's 20-20 World Cup slated for September this year attracting an additional Rs 150 crore. Maximum sponsorships for cricket flow in from India, a case in point is that out of the entire ICC sponsorship amount of $550 million, $300 million came in from India.

Source: The Economic Times


Adclub INDIA said...

Rs 4 Lakhs for 10 Sec… Is it Costly ?

Unnikrishnan said...

Fantastic ... as a marketing personal, these are dream rates to be operating on.