Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vijay TV presents 'you pick your mega'

Vijay introduced 8.30ikku Enna Parkalaam a concept in which the viewers choose what they want to see. This is a one of a kind opportunity where viewers decide which mega serial they would like to watch.

The viewers would be presented with 6 different stories to choose from Monday - Thursday at 8.30pm. To know the pulse of the audience for each of the stories; these 6 stories will be shown to a studio audience who pass unbiased views on each of the stories while interacting with the cast and crew.

Every Sunday the studio audience will discuss the episodes and the phones will be thrown open for the public to vote. At the end of six weeks the viewers will be presented with a synopsis of the six stories during which the voting lines will be open.The story which receives the maximum support among the public will be chosen to continue as the mega serial in the same time band.

Viewers can also interact with the cast and crew of the story featured on BIG 92.7 FM .

The channel has roped in six production houses Magickarma, Yantra Media Pvt. Ltd., Touring Talkies Mediaworks Pvt Ltd., Sri Shapdha, Manus Visions, Widescreen Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. as part of this concept..

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Usha Sudharsan said...

Any idea which are those serials ??