Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Abhiash wedding rights sold to UK TV

Rumours are rife that the Bachchans have struck a 5-crore deal with a channel.

Have the Bachchans sold the rights of the Abhiash wedding to the Travel & Living channel? According to rumours in Bollywood, a deal was reportedly struck for about Rs 5 crore, although it is learned that the amount could be a little more than that.

It was always thought that the Bachchans were keeping the local media at bay for commercial reasons. "If they had sold the rights to cover the wedding to a channel, then they couldn't possibly allow any Indian media to cover the event,"said a film industry source. According to industry insiders, "Even the photographers who shot the pictures have been bound under confidentiality contracts not to release or reveal any pictures to any media."

The Bachchans are believed to have negotiated with Hello, a top lifestyle magazine based in UK, but the deal fell through.

A proposal from an India-based television network too was sent to the Bachchans, but didn't find favour. Sources reveal that the Bachchans were looking for a foreign channel. And the one with which they struck the deal has a big viewership in the UK where there is a strong Indian population.

This deal is the first of its kind in the history of Bollywood. No other wedding has been sold to any media ever before. The Bachchans took a cue from the Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar wedding. The couple had sold the rights of their wedding for two million pounds to Hello magazine.

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GL said...

Selling media rights for weddings, births, even deaths is very common practice amongst celebrities abroad.

It is rumored that the Bachchan family, had sold exclusive media rights for the wedding to a foreign media corporate. If this is true then maybe the contract did not allow them to allow media coverage.

A UK pop singer has sold rights to her suicide !!!

Playboy magazine playmate, anna nicole smith, sold photos of her 20 year old son taken the night he died in order to pay the funeral expenses.

thats really shocking so this was actually just a wedding -

its really interesting to know what a business this selling of celebrity media rights is. you would be really shocked the things some celebrities do for money !!

i read this on a blog on the worrylistener where i post blogs sometimes